Monday, July 12, 2010

Addicted to Dialog

 OK so this is my latest blogsite. I can't help myself. Each one has--in my mind at least--its own special purpose/nitche--whatever. This one is based on my recently self-recognized love of dialog (alternate spelling: dialogue) For example, this past Saturday the ministry I lead hosted a bunch of high school kids from Visalia CA and as they were on a self-guided tour of our 100-year-old building they sat in the balcony of our fellowship hall, looked down at the podium on the stage and started calling out for someone--anyone--to, "give us a speech." they weren't getting any takers but when I cam out of my upstairs office and they asked me to give them a speech.To their apparent delight (I supposed they were bored) I ran down the stairs and onto the stage. From there I looked up at them and said, "Usually the Q and A time comes at the end of the lecture. This afternoon, we will have it at the beginning. Who has the first question?" With that they were off and running. We had a great and energetic back-and-forth dialog for the next half-hour or so. I had a ball. We talked philosophy, religion, politics, social issues, archetecture, epistomology--you name it. What fun!

Well, that's it for this first post. If I can reign in my editorial instincts as I am telling myself to do, you eill find these posts largely unedited and filled with misspellings and errors of all sorts. That's because, if all goes according to plan (if one can dignify it with such a descriptive) I will jot these off the top of my head as fast as I can type and not spend time with spell-check and rewriting. What I am hoping is to, well, dialog with whoever might drop by. If no one does, they it will be an exercise in talking to myself. That is sometimes thought of as a sign of mental disconnection. Oh well. Well see.

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